Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Texas Colleges that Made the Princeton Review Rankings

Join me for Thursday Thirteen!  The second Thursday Thirteen site is pending deletion, so I thought I would try to keep it going.  You can link up below.  You can read more about Thursday Thirteen here.

Every year, the Princeton Review ranks college on upwards of 62 different categories.  Here are thirteen Texas  colleges that made this year's list.

1. Rice University right here in my hometown - best rankings for financial aid, best run, happiest, and several other categories.

2.  University of Dallas in Irving - ranked best for study abroad program, library facilities, and "stone cold sober" students.

3.  Austin College in Sherman - rankings for study abroad program, food, and easiest to get around.

4.  Southwestern University in Georgetown. I wish I could have afforded this university! Ranked high for best career services and best food.

5.  Southern Methodist University in Dallas - I also would liked to have attended here, but money and social status were an issue.  Ranked high due to beautiful campus, career services, athletic facilities, and several other categories.

6.  The University of Texas at Austin - ranked because of their student health services.

7.  University of Houston in Houston - achieved rankings for the way races and classes work together and sober students,

8.  Texas A&M University in College Station - This is where my sister, her husband, and my nephew graduated from - ranks for having many religious and conservative students as well as dedicated athletic fans.

9.  Baylor University in Waco - ranks high for having religious students (it is affiliated with the Baptist denomination) and conservative students as well as good relations with the university and the city.

10. Trinity University in San Antonio - ranks high for having nice dorms.

11. Abilene Christian University in Abilene - best overall in the western region - This is where my daughter attends!  Go Wildcats!

12. Angelo State University in San Angelo - Ranks high for having religious students

13.  University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson - ranks for having sober students and for having students that aren't obsessed with athletics.

You can see these rankings or you can purchase the Princeton Review's book that contains the 379 best colleges in the United States. My college (Sam Houston State University in Huntsville) didn't make any of the rankings.

Where did you go to college?


  1. Have only heard of a few of these. Happy new year!

  2. Colleen over at Looseleafnotes and I created a new Thursday 13 site back in May; we had not made it live out of respect for the old TT host, but it is live now since the old one is no more. It is at I don't really care who keeps the meme going; feel free to email me if you want to discuss it

  3. I don't know much about colleges but I used to live in Texas. Check out the new TT link hub


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