Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thursday Thirteen - About Dairy...

Lately, I have had two people, aquaintances, really, not exactly friends, tell me they don't eat dairy. One of them said that she (and her group at Cross Fit) believe it's strange to eat dairy or drink milk because humans are the only mammals that drink other mammal's milk.

I wanted to say, "That's because we're at the top of the food chain!" But I didn't say it. She's about half my age, so I don't argue with her about it.

I just found out another friend thinks dairy is "evil." Her word; not mine. So, today's Thursday Thirteen is all about dairy.

 1. There are no antibiotics in milk, regular or organic. Milk is tested, and if it is positive for antibiotics, it is disposed of.

 2. 72% of all the calcium in the United States comes from dairy foods (milk, yougurt, cheese.

 3. These products are also a good source of protein.

 4. American eat approximately 350 slices of pizza a year, all topped with cheese.

 5. Calcium in soy milk is not as readily available for the body to use as the calcium in cow's milk.

 6. June is dairy month. I'll have to be sure and tell my "friends!"

 7. Calcium and dairy can lower the risk of osteoporosis as well as colon cancer.

8. Low fat/skim milk and low fat cottage cheese are healthy choices to get your calcium, protein, and Vitamin D while you maintain healthy eating habits.

 9. Eating healthy dairy foods can keep your bones strong so you can live a longer and more active lifestyle.

10. Eating low or no fat dairy products can help lower your cholesterol.

11. Diets higher in dairy calcium caused greater excretion of fat than diets which were lower in calcium.

12. A diet rich in ice cream and other high-fat dairy foods may lower the risk of one type of infertility.

13. And the best reason to eat dairy? Milk tastes great with cookies or cake!

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  1. Sadly the dr said no dairy and I miss it so so much !!

  2. I haven't been able to eat much dairy since I was about 13. I haven't had ice cream since then. One of these days I am going to go out and have a nice hot fudge sundae - I will pay for it, I'm sure, but it's on the bucket list.

  3. I'm not sure about this new no-dairy trend. I like my cheese. :)
    Happy TT!

  4. Here in Wisconsin, fried cheese curds are their own food group, and we go big with celebrations for June Dairy Month -- including farm breakfasts and Cows on the Concourse (cows at the state capitol). Also, the World Dairy Expo is held here every fall, and the state also hosts a big cheese expo in the spring.

  5. Interesting! I do find it a bit strange that we consume dairy being the only species that drinks milk beyond our babyhood, but still, it's what I know. I may not drink much milk, but I love my cheese!

  6. Milk, ick; but bring on the cheese!


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