Monday, January 12, 2015

A Little Randomness on Tuesday

Come join Stacy Uncorked for a little randomness

You need to check out this new blog "A New Paige is Here."  She's a brand-new blogger, just wrote her first blog post, and we all know how that is.  We want someone to read it and respond, so hop on over there and leave her a comment!

Isn't she cute?

For the opposite of cute, I have this bruise on my leg, and it is UGLY.  I mean DOUBLE UGLY! I will probably have it for about three weeks.  It's been 4 days so far.'

A teacher put her trash can in the aisle.  Another teacher told her someone was going to trip over it.  Well, that someone was me!  She had borrowed something from me, and told me I could go get it off her desk.  With all the kids in the room, there wasn't much room to walk, and I didn't even see the trash can. At least I didn't completely fall down in front of everyone.  Just hit my leg on it, kicked it over sending trash flying, tripped a little, and tried to save face (useless.)

I've always bruised easily.  Apparently, it's not a diet deficiency, though.  It's just me!

And speaking of strange things about me, everyone says I have a small foot.  I don't think they're that small.  I used to wear a 6 until after I had my twins.  Now I'm a 6 1/2.  I guess compared to all my friends, even my short friends like me, I have small feet.

My friend is getting married in March, and she wants all the bridesmaids to wear brown cowboy boots, which I'm not thrilled about.  They aren't cheap, my friend, but I am!  So, I was at Famous Footwear over the weekend, and I found this cute pair of boots in the kids department.

The largest they had was a size 4, yes in kids.  Guess what?  They fit.  My pinky toes are a little squished since they have pointy toes (I hate pointy toes), but they will do with very thin socks for one day!

And speaking of boots, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is coming up.  The lineup of concerts was announced today.  It's a big deal here in Houston.  There is a rodeo every night with professional cowboys doing all kinds of events, a "big-name" concert, a huge carnival, and hundreds of vendors selling everything you can think of, not to mention the kids who bring their animals to be judged.  If they place at the Houston Fair, that means a lot of scholarship money.  It's a good cause, but it gets so crowded that I have mixed feelings about going.  I wouldn't mind seeing Tim McGraw, the the world-famous calf scramble is always fun.  Do you have anything like this where you live?

Enough randomness for today!  I have to do some work.  Ugh!  Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Ouch - that is a nasty bruise indeed! that must hurt like the dickens.
    I love cowboy boots! I had them when I was growing up, because I actual did horseback riding. But I haven't had a pair in years -- yep, darn expensive. at least for a good pair. and your feet will want a good pair.
    I live in a small town and we have fairs and lots of horse and cattle shows throughout the summer. There's a big annual fair that has bands play - but not anyone like Tim McGraw!! Oh my gosh - that would be awesome.


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