Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tackle it Tuesday

I love to review products!  I enjoy receiving free product for my opinion.  I love hosting giveaways.  But my blog is definitely NOT one big commercial enterprise.  There are many more regular posts than there are sponsored posts on my blog.

Today I am tackling my feed reader and my feelings.  Some blogs have to be cleaned out.

I used to be a huge fan of 5 Minutes for Mom.  Lately, almost every post is sponsored, and this really bothers me.  The site is so commercialized now.  There is very little actual content.  I want to read about what other moms are coping with and how they handle the balance between being a wife/mother/business person/daughter, etc.  I am so disappointed in 5M4M.  When I began reading that blog in ... probably 2006, there was engaging content.  Now it's just another commercial enterprise where the moms receive fabulous products, prizes, and vacations in exchange for advertising on their site.  I love to read the opinions of other moms... as long as they are true and honest and not influenced by expensive vacations or compensation.  If I wanted commercials, I would watch television!  How can an opinion truly be honest when the "reviewer" has received a trip to Disney World?  Wouldn't you say nice things about a company that paid for your vacation?  Beauty products?  Computer software?

Thanks for reading my rant while I tackle my blog reader.
Ironically, Tackle it Tuesday links to Five Minutes for Mom.


  1. I agree, it has changed a lot!

  2. I don't read 5M4M, but I agree that I don't want to read a blog that has solely sponsored content. I equally don't care for blogs that have gotten too big. I used to love The Secret is in the Sauce, but now it's so big and commercialized, I don't feel the personal connection. I really just want to hear about day and have you hear about mine!


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