Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thursday Thirteen - Phone Apps

13 Apps I use frequently on my android phone.

1.   Words with Friends
2.   Hanging with Friends
3.   What's the Phrase
4.   Viggle (get rewarded for watching TV)
5.   Alarm Clock Xtreme
6.   Shazam (recognizes music)
7.   Calendar
8.   Calculator
9.   Maps
10. Brightest Flashlight
11. Draw Free
12. Facebook
13.  Nook

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  1. I've heard shazam is good.
    mostly i use it as watch, calendar, mailboxes: email, twitter and facebook,

  2. I love Shazam! I've been in a restaurant and have been able to have it recognize the background music and tell me what it is.

    Viggle is cool, but I always forget to "check in". I also watch lot of my shows on my DVR, so it's rarely live.

    Great list! Stopping by from Thursday 13! Have a blessed day!



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