Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

What an exciting time of year this is!
Here are 13 things I am happy about.

1.  Today is the LAST day of school!  (I'm not counting the few hours I have to go in tomorrow morning to take care of school business.)
2.  Our daughter is graduating from high school tomorrow night!
3.  My son and daughter (twins) have finished their first year of high school.  *sniff*  They're growing up.
4.  My daughter is going to be part of the flag/performance/half time show team next year. (We call it Color Guard, but it's not the military kind of color guard.  They perform with the band.)
5.  My son is going to take an agriculture course next year and maybe take part in FFA (although I doubt he will have a career interest in ag).  I want him to have a "place to belong" at school.
6.  I'm scheduled for a much-needed massage tomorrow.
7.  I've got all of my doctor/dentist appointments scheduled.
8.  Our oldest daughter made it home safely from a two-week hiking trip.
9.  I will have a job next school year.  (Budget crisis has been a big deal this year, and many teachers are being "downsized.")
10. The twins turn 15 soon which means driver's ed will start not long after.  Actually, I'm not sure that's a blessing now that I think of it! (Silly kids showing off their newly-straightened teeth.)

11. Harry Potter comes out in about six weeks.  Midnight movie time!
12. I have a trip to New York and a scrapbooking retreat to look forward to.
13. Tomorrow is payday!
And #14, because I don't always follow rules.  I'm happy to have my husband!

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  1. What a great list! Congrats on graduation to the oldest & how great that the twins have such fun stuff to look forward to next year!

    YAY for the massage, I hope you enjoy every second of it!!!

  2. AWH!!! I am so happy for you and emotional at the same time. Enjoy graduation and your summer.

  3. Busy, busy, busy...... sounds fun too!


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