Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Below are some celebrations/special days/holidays that occur in June.

June 1 - Oscar the Grouch's birthday (Sesame Street).  He was one of my favorite characters when I was growing up. 

June 2 - Date of the first US Spacewalk by Ed White in 1965 (A very good year, I might add!)

June 6 - The anniversary of D-Day (1944).

June 9 - Donald Duck's birthday.  He was "born" in 1934.

June 12 - Anne Frank's birthday.  She was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1929.  I never realized she would have been only 6 years older than my dad. (Great link - click her name.)

June 14 - Flag Day (US)

June 16 - National fudge day :-)
Followed by...
June 17 - Eat your vegetables day. :-(

June 19 - Father's Day (3rd Sunday in June)
June 19 - Juneteenth (Commemorates the end of slavery in the US)

June 21 -  (Techncially) the first day of summer

June 26 - My twins turn 15!

June 30 - Superman's birthday (born in 1938).

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  1. I haven't done a TT in years! Maybe I should start up again.

  2. Nice inclusion on using Juneteenth. I can barely find people who know what it is, let alone could include in on a T13! Awesome :)

    My birthday's in June too, just to add to the goodness. *grin*

    Happy TT,

    Wolf's Glory

  3. I'm enforcing June 17th on my kids. LOL.

  4. love Juneteenth :-)

    And my birthday is June 22! Officially a summer baby :-)

  5. Happy birthday to your twins. We're celebrating June Dairy Month here, ehich was kicked off Saturday by Cows on the Course--real cows outside the state capitol.

  6. You've got some lucky twins!

    Have a great day!

  7. Oh, I want to celebrate June Dairy month like that toooooo :-) I like your list. I never realized June was such a busy month!

  8. Great list, some of those I knew but some I now do. Everyone should celebate Oscar, Donald and of course your children! Happy B-day!!

  9. Love this list! D-Day is my daughter-in-law's birthday, so it's always easy for me to remember.

    Hope you'll stop by my list:

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life


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