Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Confessional

It's time for the confessing of "sins."  Well, maybe not sins, but those annoying things we probably should keep to ourselves but make us feel so much better when we share them. So join us!


I confess...

I will never again use a home waxing system on my eyebrows.  The first eyebrow was easy.  It looked good, and it didn't hurt at all.  The second one... not so much.  It looked like I had burned my eyebrow and the area underneath it with an iron!  And it stung forever.  Everything I tried to put on it to ease the pain made it worse... finishing oil, cold water, aloe, neosporin... you name it.  And just a tip:  Never use a kleenex to try to get wax off your eyebrow.  Go ahead and picture it.  Kleenex.  Sticky wax.  Yes.  Very funny.  Not!

I confess...

I have the humor of a middle-schooler which is probably why I teach middle school!  For example, the word "weiner" makes me giggle.  And even more, "weenie."  You know you laughed, too!

I confess...

I have a lot of organizing to do around the house.  There is one closet that I'm actually afraid to go into!  But, I need to do it.  Besides, that will give me something to share with on the monthly vlog which you will find over at Our Dandelion Wishes on Tuesday, June 7th.  Join me in posting a vlog, and don't forget to tell Mamarazzi and Shawn that you heard about it from me!
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  1. Oh no on the waxing mishaps, sorry to hear it burned forever after!

    I hear you on closets you are afraid of, that's normally when I get the Hubs to help! Happy organizing - I've been doing it all week, and it feels good! :o)

  2. i can't WAIT to see the closet!!

    i am so sorry about the eyebrow and super sorry that i laughed, but just a little!

  3. How funny! I am going to work on my closet too this weekend. LOL Sometimes we are two peas in a pod.

    Waxing sounds painful!

  4. Ouchie on the waxing incident. Years ago I was heating some up in the microwave, it exploded & ruined the entire inside, had to get a new micro... Oops :)

    HeeHee, yep I totally giggled when I read weiner. I always caught when I read the word erected. Lol

    Uhhh-ohhh I need to get on the ball & do my vlog.


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