Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friday Confessional

Join Mamarazzi and Glamazon for some good, old-fashioned confession!

I confess...

I was secretly relieved when the teacher/counselor told my son he couldn't sign up for pre-Advanced Placement chemistry (he'll have to take "regular" chemistry) next year since he wasn't also enrolling in preAP Algebra 2 at the same time. I'm proud that he wants to take a tougher class, but I did NOT want to deal with a huge science fair project, and I didn't want to see him struggle.

I confess...

I think one of the reasons I hate grocery shopping is the way they sack my groceries.

YES! I want my milk in a bag.

YES! I want my gatorade in a bag.

YES! I want my paper towels in a bag.

Why do they have to ask that? Or worse, they don't ask, and it just gets thrown back into the basket which makes it hard to get it in the house. And

NO! I don't want something heavy in the bag with my bread! It always seems to get crushed.

Oh, I feel better now!


  1. Oh yes the bag packing is a bear bug of mine too. I also have a particular way of storing my groceries so Peter knows just to dump it on the table for me to unpack and store. lol

    I hope DS does well in Algebra 2.

  2. I hate it when my bread is smashed or even boxes destroyed like the cereal boxes. My step daughter refuses to eat it then.

  3. i ALWAYS bag my own groceries. ALWAYS there is one market that told me i couldn't so i said, "ok i won't shop here anymore"

    i stopped bagging, grabbed my purse and walked out as my groceries were still being rung up.

    the manager chased me down and apologized.

    never went back.

    i take my shopping serious.

    especially at the market!

    glad you feel better. thanks for sharing your confessions and be sure to link up when it goes live at midnight!

  4. Uggghhh squished bread is awful! Such a pain when you want to make a sandwhich but you have to pull it apart to make it big again. LOL.
    Just read Mamarazzi's comment & I love that she did that, I totally couldn't but AWESOME that she did!

  5. At least in my grocery store, i found that since I started using the canvas bags, the baggers seems to be slightly smarter about heavy things on the bottom and bread on the top. Though I still get the occasional idiot. :) HAPPY Friday!

  6. I choose my checkout line based on what bagger is there, then I pray that the lady in front of me won't accept his request to "help her to her car". Seriously, you have 3 bags, I think you can handle them on your own!

  7. I don't like going to Walmart for groceries--yes they have great prices, but they don't bag well at all. The grocery store I go to does a pretty good job of it.

  8. Oh, don't get me started on the grocery sackers!

    I hate when I'm unloading groceries and they've packed them in so heavy that the bag breaks and cans go rolling under the car. SO ANNOYING!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I married an ex bagger/grocery boy that gets super annoyed when the cashier or bagger doesn't do it right. And, before we had a gaggle of kids, he would do the bagging most of the time!

  10. Sometimes I wish I could just pack my groceries myself. I hate going to Walmart because they also send me home with what seems like hundreds of bags. It's ok to fill the bags up! Geesh!

  11. What is it about the bread and eggs? Really you think I want my eggs at the bottom and my bread to mushed like that! So with you!

    Well have a great weekend!

  12. There should be a school for bagging groceries!

  13. I am pretty good about the no bag thing but I do want milk in a plastic bag even if I have my green bags with me - they leak somehow even when sealed. I don't want leaked milk on my car floors or in my green bags. And then there is the bread thing - who in their right mind packs bread with canned goods? I hate that!!! I would prefer to pack my own groceries but they always have those "helpful" bag boys push me out of the way!


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