Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Dei Fratelli Review

A box arrived not too long ago with all of these great tomato products in it!
Good thing, too. We eat a lot of spaghetti sauce and salsa at my house. I had never heard of Dei Fratelli before I was offered this chance to review their products. "Dei Fratelli" means "of the brothers" which is a fitting name for this family-owned company from Ohio. What really impresses me most is that they make their products from seeds that they cultivate themselves.

The salsa is great with any kind of tortilla chip or on tostadas. We used the pasta sauce on regular spaghetti, French bread pizzas, as well as on chicken parmigian.
The "Traditional" sauce is rich with spices and tastes very "tomatoe-y" which is how I like it. And something I noticed about all of the products I tried is that they taste fresh, and they are low in fat. For those who are allergic to gluten, you'll be glad to know that all of their products are naturally gluten-free. They also make low salt and no salt versions of many of their products.

With everything from canned tomatoes, pasta sauces, salsas, and juices to sauerkraut, you're sure to find something you like. And you can buy Dei Fratelli products online. I hope your family enjoys these products as much as mine did.

This post was written for Family Review Network & Dei Fratelli who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.


  1. YUM! i have never heard of this brand..i will have to keep an eye out for it.

  2. Mmm your dinner looks soooo good! I'll have to keep an eye out for this brand, I've never seen or heard of it before.


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