Thursday, February 03, 2011

Friday Confessional

Join Mamarazzi and Glamazon for some soul-bearing confessional time! It'll do you good. Here goes:

I confess...

I think it's ridiculous that all of the schools in Southeast Texas are closed tomorrow because it MIGHT snow and we're in a state of "emergency!" Give me a break!

I know they are worried about ice on the roads IF we get some precipitation and IF the temperature drops below freezing, which it has for the past three nights. But seriously? Cancelling school? I'm shocked!

This is the school district that wouldn't cancel school until the day before Hurricane Ike hit even though we're in the storm surge and flood plane and every other district was closed. I will believe snow and ice when I see it.

Right now, I just think it's typical "much ado about nothing" behavior. It rains, or it's very cold, or anything unusual happens with the weather, and the drivers in my area act like it's the end of the world.
*Update* I confess...
We do have icy roads this morning. It makes me wonder what they do up north where there is always ice on the roads! Don't they deal with it? Why can't we just deal with it? Oh, but as I suspected... no snow. I knew it!

Oh well. I was going to take the day off anyway to spend the weekend with my sister at a scrapbook retreat. (Flat Mamarazzi is coming, too!) So...

I confess...

I was going to play hookey today anyway!

I confess...

And this is embarrassing! I had my underwear on inside out all day last Monday. I didn't even notice it until I got home from work. How said is that?

Last, I confess...

I am hungry all the time now that I have been trying to eat a lowfat diet in order to lower my cholesterol. I admit that since I've felt so deprived, food does taste better. But I can't tell you how much I want one of my own home-made chocolate milk shakes! Bad!

Have you confessed yet?


  1. as soon as i tell myself i cannot have something i crave it. ridiculous!

    i am soooo excited that Flat Mamarazzi is going with you on your retreat!! woo hoo...thrilling! i cannot wait to hear all about it!

  2. Yeah up here in the north we do deal with it, but we don't tend to get the ice on the streets--it comes after the snow packs down and then thaws and freezes again. Our schools will only close for a significant act of god. The -38F Wednesday morning was not enough.

  3. I look forward to your Friday post. I enjoy them so much, I might just have to start doing them as well.

    I have to laugh at the underwear, oh my it reminded me the day I got up when my husband came home, hurried and got dress because he was taking me out to breakfast. As we were walking in the store, I thought to myself...dang, did I gain weight, my jeans feel funny. After even talking to my supervisor because I ran into her at the store; being out and about for close to 2 hours they kept feeling uncomfortable. It was NOT until I got home I realized why...they were on backwards. bahahahahaha

    As for the North, we are better prepared for the ice and snow. We have the proper equipment and can pre-treat the roads to help us get about, however ice is ice and it doesn't matter how much pre-treating it is bad. Our work even closed this is the first time in 18 years they closed but we ended up with 16 inches of snow and a blizzard too. Most snow in my city at one time in 25 years.

    Enjoy your retreat!

  4. One time I forgot to PUT ON underwear and didn't catch it until way later in the day. That was really sad.

  5. Great confessions! I once wore a shirt inside out all day. I couldn't figure out why I kept getting weird looks all day and when I undressed that night, I was all, "Oh, that makes so much sense now."

  6. Enjoyed your confession.. love the underwear sad thing with me is it usually my Mr. who notices that! lol

    Oh well so goes life :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. One time I worse blue undies with a white dress w/ green polka dots...needless to say, everyone knew what color they were...except for me. I was standing at the stove cooking dinner and my husband walked up and said "nice blue panties". I was like, "huh?" Nice.

    Oh, and every time I start dieting, I immediately get extremely hungry! I think it's just knowing that there are things you shouldn't have or aren't supposed to triggers your hunger button!

  8. Don't you just love the "might" triggers for closing schools. DUH!!!

    HILARIOUS about the panties... I have done that way too many a time.

    Have a wonderful weekend scrapping with your sister & I can't wait to see Flat Mama in some pics :)

  9. I have done the underwear thing and even wore my daughters by accident and wonder why they didn't fit right. as for the snow stuff I think when your not use to snow they have a hard time dealing with it. we get it all the time but this year we are getting clobbered. can't find shovels or ice melt and roof rakes anywhere. very worrisome.


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