Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I enjoyed as a child.

1. My doll Tatters which I inherited from my sister. My mom made a dress for her, and her hair was styled in two braids. She had a string on the back that you pulled, and she sais some phrases. That is, until I threw up on her and she had to be washed. After that, when her string was pulled, she sounded like the teacher on the Charlie Brown cartoons (wah, waaahhh, wah, wah, waaahhh.) I loved her anyway.
2. I had another doll, Chrissy. She was a big doll, about the size of a six month old but not as heavy. You could make her auburn hair short, medium, or long by pulling the ponytail out from her head.

3. Playing house. We had a “little house” which was really a house with lights, electricity, just no running water. We set up our play house in there. I would also play house during recess by I forming borders at the edge of the woods with the pine needles.
4. For some reason, I really enjoyed making mud pies. Until my sister told me it would taste like chocolate, and I tried it. It didn’t!

5. Barbies. I had regular size Barbies (my favorite had the dark brown, shoulder length hair), medium size Barbies (such as Skipper with the two, long, curl ponytails) and the little ones (like Dawn with the pretty party dress). I could play with them all day!
6. I also enjoyed playing with Lite Bright.
7. Spirograph was fun, making different designs with different colors.
8. I loved to play school. I would set up in our formal dining room. My dolls were the students. I would have lessons for my students, and I would grade their work. No wonder I grew up to be a teacher!

9. I loved playing with my friend’s Easy Bake Oven. My parents never bought me one. I bought one for my daughter, and I still enjoyed playing with it.

10. Pollyanna was a great board game that I still enjoy playing.
11. I enjoyed the Game of Life, mostly because you could get married and have kids as part of your adventure through Life.

12. Freeze tag was a fun game to play outside with the neighbors.
13. I liked riding my golden-colored bike with the glittery banana seat. Ah, childhood memories!
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  1. I loved light bright and Spirograph. I tried to get my kids into it, but they would rather play on the computer.

  2. What a fun trip down memory lane. I loved the Spirograph & Life is still my favorite game. Your sister was not very nice... actually tasting mud pies - yucky!

  3. I remember a particular barbie with one broken leg. My grandma made a skirt out of a carton so that the doll could still stand. =) Fun list!

  4. I haven't visited you in ages....thought I'd stop by to say hello!

    Oh boy, do I ever remember Lite Brite! What fun I had...and it wasn't MY toy it was the kids' toy. LOL

  5. What happy memories you bring forth!

  6. I had many of those myself.

    Have a great Thursday!

  7. What a great list!! We played so many more board games then kids played today!

  8. I used to love Spirograph. One of our favorite pass times was to make up plays and perform them for other kids or our parents Fun times
    Happy T13!

  9. Great list - took me right back to my childhood and my favorites.

  10. How fun! I always wanted the banana seat!

  11. I loved making mud cookies. I had a doll I got from my dad when I had to stay at hospital, the rest are hand made, by myself.
    I like playing monopoly. and many children traditional games such as hide and seek, jamuran, gobagsodor, run and chase...

  12. sigh! remarkable memories of childhood :)

  13. Friends and I were just talking about Lite Bright and how much we enjoyed it. I was also a fan of Barbie and Spirograph, Life and my Easy Bake Oven. Fun T13.


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