Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wednesday Website

Boy, do I have a "different" web site for you today! Have you ever stopped at the gas station for a cheapuccino? I bet you're sitting on your suction seat if you're reading this. And when is the last time you had to book google something?

No, I'm not making this up! Perhaps you've heard of Urban Dictionary? It's the dictionary that YOU wrote! Do you ever wonder what your teenagers mean when they say a certain phrase that obviously can't be taken literally? Urban Dictionary gets you in the know! Do you simply want to impress people with your hipness? Urban Dictionary could increase your coolness quotient. Check it out! It's mind-numbing, time-wasting fun!

Do you have a web site to share with me? Write a post, come back here, and leave your link so I can visit you, or simply leave your favorite URL in a comment.

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