Friday, September 03, 2010


My husband and I decided that since our daughter was color guard captain, it might be fitting for us to chaperone the band and color guard a couple of times this season.

Wow. What a day! We got to the school an hour before the busses departed because that's when they said to be there. The trip to the stadium took about an hour and 45 minutes. There is much to do! (instruments, students, props, etc.). When the band and color guard come out of the stands second quarter preparing for half time, the rain starts. There's a mad dash to get the delicate and expensive items out of the rain, but it was the most unorganized mess I've ever seen.

They didn't get to perform, but it stopped raining shortly after halftime ended, so we had to stay for the rest of the game. Another long bus ride home, more unloading, and finally, we're free, almost 8 hours later. Whew! That's hard work! I'm disappointed we didn't get to see a half time show, but there's always next week.

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  1. a lot of effort by all and then mother nature puts a wrench in it. That sounds like a long day.


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