Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting to Know Me

This week's Thursday 13 will help you get to know me better. This post is brought to you by the letter "T."

1. Texas - I have lived in the Lone Star State all my life and can't see ever moving from here, even though the summers get unbearably hot!
2. Twins - I have boy/girl twins who are 14, freshmen in high school this year. We're in our fourth week of school, and I still can't believe it!
3. Turkey - I take a turkey sandwich for lunch most days, and I'm tired of it! But I do like to make turkey and dressing at Thanksgiving.
4. Telephone - We don't have one, as in a land-line. My husband decided a couple of years ago that we didn't need a telephone anymore since we all have cell phones. He was right!
5. Tinkle - my children hate when I say this word meaning that I have to go to the bathroom. I don't know why they hate it. It's so much better than the alternatives.
6. Teacher - I've been teaching for 21 years. I like it, but I'm ready to retire. Unfortunately, that won't happen for a while.
7. Technology - I love technology as long as the technology works! I have used the following things in my classroom: laptop computers, internet, discussion boards, projector, presentations, Elmo, SmartBoard, and computer labs. I'm hoping to learn about more and more techie things to do with my students.
8. Tap - When I was younger, I could tap dance. I took dance for about ten years.
9. Tea - I prefer to sweeten it myself. The sweet tea at McDonal's is way too sweet, and tea out of a can isn't tea. I prefer to let it seep myself.
10. Truth - The truth is extremely important to me. I can't stand liars.
11. Tennies - I prefer my tennie shoes to everything else. My feel get so cold when I wear sandals or flip-flops.
12. Television - My favorite shows had their season finales: Lost and 24. I will be watching less TV this fall.
13. Tired - I'm tired. So tired. Almost all the time!

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  1. Great list. I always tell my kids, there are two things I will not tolerate in my home, a thief and a liar. Honesty is a huge deal for me.
    Happy T13!

  2. This is fun. I liked learning more about you :-)

  3. we gave our land line too and only have cell phones

  4. we gave our land line too and only have cell phones

  5. I love the letter T! I learned some new fun things about you!

  6. This list is wonderful. I love tennies too.

  7. Great list. Tennies are my favorite footwear, too.

  8. I have yet to make it to the Lone Star state but it is on the list of things to see!

  9. What a fun post! I want to do a "letter" post! Hmmm, I may have to steal this one of these days....

  10. My husband keeps trying to convince me to get rid of our land line but I keep resisting. I'm not sure why...


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