Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Random Wishes

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Today I'm feeling random, so I'm going to finish this statement....


1. that my dad was still alive.

2. that I had a wildly popular blog.

3. I could be a stay-at-home-mom.

4. I could get my braces off right now!

5. there was another hour in the day that I could use to get things done.

6. I could function better on the six hours of sleep I usually get on weekdays.

7. I was skinny.

8. we could find a home for Jackson (the dog we saved from going to the pound).

9. I knew how to play the piano.

10. there was a cure for cancer and other debilitating diseases.

11. I had more time to scrapbook.

12. I could completely forget the past.

13. that every weekend was a 3-day weekend.


  1. Well, I would go for 9 out of the 13...especially the first dad has been gone just 4 months but it feels like forever....and my google reader says you have 194 which is way more than my 7! Definitely a cure for cancer...and mom has that.....and I'm sure thaere are tonnes more....

  2. aww...why do you want to get rid of your dog?

  3. some will come soon enough and others well, sometimes its just a waiting game.

  4. You hit the nail on the head with a few of these! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week & that your weekend is even better :)

  5. I'm with you. Lots of good wishes.

  6. Happy TT... and I agree with you on some of these: 2, 5, 7!!!

  7. I wish I was a faster runner. I also wish I could take the day off and do nothing but scrapbook. I haven't spent a whole lot of time in my studio lately.

  8. Great list. I concur with so many of them, starting with more hours in a day.

  9. i know how aching the braces feel is !!!

  10. Great post! I wish I had a wildly popular blog also, but you know what? The people who come need to hear what we have to share...just like I needed to read this today. Thanks


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