Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Random Happy Tuesday


I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Ours was... different.  Several family members were sick that we didn't get to see at all.   We only got to see 1 of 5 of our children.  But we made the best of things! I did get to see my mom, sister, b-i-l, nephew, and his wife.  He got to see his dad.  We still have the tree up partly because there are still presents under it and partly because I think it's beautiful and wish we had lighted trees up all the time!

New Year's Eve is coming up.  I'm sure we'll be staying home.  I hope all of our kids do, too.  I worry so much.  Not just about them, but about all the other crazy people in the world.

And no, I'm not making resolutions or a mantra or anything like that.  I have my own goals in my head, and it doesn't take the New Year to remind me to shoot for those goals.  How about you?  Are you a resolution-maker?

Without further ado...

And last, but not least...

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  1. We usually leave the tree up until New Years Day, but the cat was chewing on it and making a mess, so we took it down yesterday. New Years Eve is a dreaded night for us as all the idiots shoot off fireworks and most of us pets are scared to death of the noise. Mom goes to bed at the regular time is then awakened by all the stupid noise. No resolutions here either, we have goals for 2023, but they are different from resolutions.

  2. We stay in too. It's far safer. We like quiet and peaceful. Love all the funnies. You made me chuckle more than once. I love Maxine. She's my kind of gal.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  3. Bigger basket, certainly. We don't go anywhere once we get home in the afternoon or evening (i do have work that day), it's too crazy out there. Have a wonderful last week of 2022!


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