Wednesday, December 14, 2022

YouTube Tells All?

 Have you ever tried searching through your YouTube history?  I was looking for a specific video on engraving - which I never found - and I wondered what my YouTube history says about me.  There are so many topics I've searched!  These are not in any order.

1.  Sewing tutorials

2. Cricut tutorials

3. Ice Skating

4. Gymnastics

5. Fishing videos (my son was in them)

6. Music videos

7.  How to switch data from one phone to another

8.  Using the Wyze PanCam security camera

9.  Wreath-making and bow-making

10. Card-making

11. Cooking

12. Cat videos!

13. Alzheimer's/Dementia information

I wonder what you can tell about me based on my viewing history!

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  1. I think it says you sew, you have a new phone, your son fishes, you need a break occasionally w/ music & cat videos, and someone you know has dementia. I looked at mine and it was mostly music videos, but I didn't scroll far.

  2. I have a lot of drag queens, crocheting, paper crafting, comedy, true crime, and tiny houses!

  3. I'd say it tells us you have great hobbies and varied interests.


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