Friday, December 09, 2022

Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

 My Christmas cards are mailed (Whew!).  Now it's time to get some holiday shopping done! Here are some of my ideas:

For our daughter who is "into" true crime (along with me), a book. But I also came across this cute tee-shirt she would probably like.

environmentally conscious, reusable grocery bags and hand painted wooden coasters  (waterproofed using dishwasher safe Mod Podge) with a "green" design and last name letter.

For our oldest son who tends to be a jokester, the Gift of Nothing. But seriously, he works long hours and probably needs to relax, so perhaps he would like a soothing noise machine.

For our son who recently moved out, maybe an Echo Dot.  It can tell the time and weather, set alarms and reminders, answer questions, act as a bluetooth speaker, and connect to Smart Home devices. Or, since he's a single guy, he could probably use a refrigerator deodorizer!

For our daughter that has two daughters, I'm thinking maybe a kit that you can use to show your baby's hand and foot prints. But there is also a book called "Letters to My Daugher: Mom's Journal."

My mom is in assisted living, so she has limited space, but she only has so much room for picture frames, so I was thinking a digital picture frame where she can see multiple photos in one frame.  Of course, I will have to set it up for her.  She could probably use some new slippers, too.

For my sister, who really needs to organize her scrapbook suppies, some storage boxes for her paper or a pretty photo storage box (which is so pretty, it wouldn't need to be wrapped!)

For my nephew and his wife who recently bought a new house, I like this interchangeable welcome sign. It has decorations for every season and holiday. But maybe they would rather have a charcuterie board for entertaining friends.

I'm wondering if my father-in-law could use an armchair caddy. I think it would keep him from losing track of things such as his remote control and his reading glasses.  Or maybe he'd like a weighted blanket.

Our baby granddaughter is really too young for toys, but she would probably love this Princess Kitty when she gets a little older.  I think the 2 year old would like these farm animals!

I think that about covers the whole family except for my husband, and I can't put what ideas I have for him because he might see it. Have fun shopping in the next two weeks!

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