Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Random Happy Tuesday

 Hello everyone!  I'm back!  Almost 100%.  A little congestion hanging on.  I don't know what kind of virus I had, but it was a bugger!

We got to face time with this little cutie today! 

Boy does she love Grandpa!  And the feeling is mutual.  She is so precious!  It's amazing how this little one fills our hearts with joy.

My husband and I decided to redo one of our bedrooms into a guest room and move my craft room into one of our bedrooms that is just a little bigger than the one it was in.  What a process!  I'm still working on all of it, but it's coming right along.

I can actually get to my supplies and tools to make some things now.  I finished a shadow box I started last Christmas, and my Christmas cards are just about ready to go out.  In the next day or two, I will get my Christmas tree up.  I love the Christmas tree!

  I'm also making some coasters for our daughter, some drawstring bags, and some more key fobs. Then I have some home decor items, treat boxes, and candy dispensers to make.  Is there enough time?  Yes!  I will make it happen!    Last year I was still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve, which has never happened before, and I will never let that happen again.  That takes some of the joy out of the season. 


Have a great week!


  1. The funnies are great! Enjoy your new and improved craft room. Hopefully the extra space and new place will help you get all those projects done with time to spare before Christmas.

  2. What a little cutie pie your grand is. Awww.

    I'm so happy you're feeling better. I also love all the funnies and you made me smile with the being under the tree. So very true.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  3. A real sweetie and so cute! You are blessed ~ fun Lol photos and words ~ Xo
    Glad you are feeling better ~ ^_^

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days ~
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Heeheehee! I'm a gift. My family wouldn't go for that, at least not for long.

    Your granddaughter is precious and i hope you enjoy your new and improved craft room.


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