Friday, November 18, 2022

Sewing boxed corners


There is more than one way to "box" the corners of a homemade tote bag, but only one of them would work for the  way I wanted to make reusable grocery bags for my daughter.  The reason is that I wanted to start with one long piece of fabric instead of two separate pieces, so I would not have a bottom seam to work with.

After sewing the main piece of the bag, line up your seams until your bag comes to a point at the bottom kind of like the opposite of the way your would actually carry it.. The trick to making sure your corners are even is to make sure the side seams are exactly even.  You can also measure the marks you make on each side to double check that they are even.

Measure half of what you want your box to be.  For example, I wanted my box to be 5 inches across the bottom, so I measured up 2.5 inches from the corner tip, and marked it.  Using a ruler, I made a straight line.  (Same thing on the other side.)  Sew across the line, trim the excess, and check out your handiwork.

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

I am going to iron on a design on the front and back of each bag, so I will show it again when it is completely finished.

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