Sunday, November 27, 2022

Cyber Monday Amazon Deals

Here are some great deals for Cyber Monday at Amazon if you're still looking for some Christmas gifts, or even if you want to get something for yourself! I did!

 Great price on Calphalon Cookware!  

Look at this Vitamix 200 blender! Amazon Fire Tablets on sale up to 50% off! I need a new one!

Sony OLED and Premium TVs on sale
All Shark Vaccuums and Mops on sale up to 46% off.
Amazon is also promoting small business such as the ones who make this!  
I might get this for one of our daughters. It looks fun! 

 I would have loved this light up pad when I was a little girl!

And who doesn't love their beloved Legos?  

 So go shopping! And if you click over on a link from my page, I may receive a small commission (maybe not), but it won't cost you an extra penny.

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  1. The only thing we're getting is the car fixed. Maybe someday it won't be that way.


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