Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Happy Random Tuesday

 Stacy's Random Tuesday Thoughts and Sandee's Happy Tuesday.

Do you use the Nextdoor App?   I hope I don't offend any of you, but some people using Nextdoor are just plain rude, and most of them are just nosy.  They don't hold back on sarcasm and snarky comments.  Some just want to complain about trivial things, and others just think they know more than everyone else.

Sometimes I just want to post something crazy and watch the fireworks, although I really wouldn't do this.  I could post something like this...

Me:  "Did anyone else hear that pop-pop noise near Pine Gully about 2:00 today? 

Then I'm going to get my popcorn ready, sit back, and watch what happens!


Here's how I imagine it going...

A:  "I heard it, too!"

B:  "Sounded like a gun so I called the police."

C:  "It could have been a car backfiring."

B: "No, I know what a car backfiring sounds like, and it was clearly a gunshot."

C:  "Okay Mr. Know-it-all!  But I don't think so!"

D:  "I thought I heard sirens about that same time.  I wonder what's happening!"

E:  "Someone who lives nearby needs to go check it out and let us know if they caught the shooter."

15 minutes later...

Me: I went and checked it out. It WAS a gun!  

B:  I knew it!

D:  Did the police respond?

Me: It was my neighbor's NAIL gun! Hahaha!

So, obviously that isn't ever going to be a real post, but here are some actual recent posts from my neighborhood:

Anyone know what’s going on by the car title loan / Diamond shamrock gas station and snowcone place?

The other day this vehicle was driving around our neighborhood very slowly. It slowed down even more passed my daughter who was with her cousins. I have never seen it before and it just looked out of place. I could be just imagining things, but because it was driving so slow it seemed strange. (It was a white van, and it was legitimate... a local power washing business looking for an address.)

When I went walking this morning, I found several bullet casings around Ex G Park.

How can I contact the HOA to make a complaint? I went out to check the mail last night and the sidewalk by the mailboxes is so jagged and uneven that I tripped and almost killed myself trying to check the mail.

There is a dog roaming on Oak Chase not too far from the pool.

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Usually, it's about a dog off leash or a pet owner failing to pick up the dog's waste. The people on this app can be so crazy sometimes, and even downright mean to each other at times.  Is your ND app the same way?  Are they trivial or civil?

Now on to the "happy" part of today!

Can't believe someone didn't realize his name was Christian!  LOL!

This truly cracked me up!  My childlike sense of humor!

I bet most of you do, too!

This cracks me up!  BTW, Why have a gender reveal party?  It's exciting to find out the gender when it's born.  This wasn't a "thing" when I was child-bearing age!

Again, silly humor makes me laugh!

So true that it's not funny!

Gotta have a "Lord of the Rings" joke every now and then!

And last, but not least...

Have a great week!


  1. That fart post is so funny and when the peas peed themselves. Good ones!

  2. I'm not on this group, but hubby is and he says it's the same here. He quit responding and wonders why he's still getting them puzzles him. I dumped social media for the same reason. Everyone has an opinion and only their opinion is the right one.

    Love all the funnies.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  3. While living with four dogs it is easy to come across lost farts.

  4. Heeheehee! Thank you, i needed the laughs.

    Mostly people here behave on NextDoor, but it does get silly sometimes. The reason i keep it is because they do let us know when a crime has occurred.


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