Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Random Tuesday

I'm linking up with Stacy to be totally random!

Wedding planning for November is still on.  We're praying that cases will begin to go down.  We may have to make some changes at the wedding such as social distancing tables, providing or allowing masks, hand sanitizer stations, plated meal rather than buffet, and maybe have it all outside instead of doing the reception indoors. If we postponed for a few months, I doubt things would be much different, especially if there is no vaccine still.  I'm curious.  What would you do?  There are only two people who have expressed concern about the date.  My daughter and her fiance' just want to get married, even if some people will decide not to be there.

I have a bone to pick with Applebee's. Their commercial uses the theme song from "Welcome Back Kotter," and it gets stuck in my head!  I know I'm "dating" myself by knowing where they got the song.  I used to enjoy that show!  Did you?  But I don't want the song stuck in my head!  Commercials really bother me.

And how about all the commercials for medication?  Am I really supposed to tell my doctor what medicine to put me on?  I thought he (or she) was supposed to know enough to tell me what's best for me.  And the names of these medicines... Skyrivi, Fintepla, Zepzelca, Trelegy (particularly annoying commercial), Humira, Xeljanz, and Eliquis, to name a few.  Sounds like Alien talk!  And after all the side effects they list, who in their right mind would really want to take that medication?  If the pharmaceutical companies quit spending money on ads, maybe they could lower the cost to consumers.  As if.  A writer for Psychology Today said this, 

"Next time you see a TV commercial for a prescription drug, remind yourself that you know nothing about medical treatment and that everybody who made the commercial has a financial interest in your future behavior." —Eric Horowitz

And that's about it for now....
Except for some funnies.

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This is me!

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  1. The future is always an unknown, so i suggest planning and doing it whatever way you can and enjoying it, and if necessary, throw a nice party on the first anniversary in lieu of a huge reception. Whatever it takes.

    Yes, i enjoyed Welcome Back, Kotter. As for the drug names, every drug has to have a completely different and unique name, so they have to make stuff up. Also every drug is going to have unwanted effects on somebody, but most people will not have any of them. They have to warn you to keep from being sued if you are one of the 1 a million or so who has something happen. It's still annoying.

    Loved the funnies!


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