Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Random Tuesday

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 A couple of weeks ago, the news reported about a fugitive that had hidden in one of his neighbor's doghouse to evade arrest.  It caught my eye because it was only two neighborhoods away. They were operating a theft ring, apparently.  He was already on parole and was driving a stolen truck.  The police officers were nice enough to go back to the house later and repair the fence they had damaged during the arrest.  Let this be a lesson to our children... this is what it looks like to get caught hiding from the police in your neighbor's doghouse.
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Yesterday was busy for me!  I spent a long time in the kitchen.  I wanted to make a recipe called American gyros (using beef instead of lamb, which my husband isn't keen on).  Little did I know that it had to be formed, cooked, chilled, and grilled.  The whole process took over two hours!  But it was worth it.  I also made my own tzatziki sauce.
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I also made my first strudel cake.  We had a ton of blueberries, so I found a recipe for blueberry strudel.  It turned out pretty good.  I don't consider myself much of a baker.  That usually falls to one of two of our daughters, but it was good.
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I've also been trying to exercise some.  My former co-workers from school set up a Facebook group to give us some accountability.  Besides our miles we are supposed to get in through walking or biking, they have added some videos and other workouts to do.  The first one was called Tabata, and I'm going to link it here.  It was pretty tough.  And we have some really difficult ab work coming up.  I'll just do the best I can.  It's too hot to go outside and walk anymore, so I have to do something.

I still haven't gone to the salon, or anywhere really, but I truly need a haircut.  I'm not much of a do-it-your-selfer when it comes to my hair.  I've also been watching TV and coloring with my favorite companion.
And now...

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That's about right!

Another truth!
And then, there's this, my parenting style!

Have a great week!


  1. A fugitive in your own neighborhood, or nearby, is scary. What always strikes me is that these people could so easily have become so much more.

    Anyway, congratulations on the new recipes working out, and thanks for the funnies and the video, i need to start doing something more than just going to work to keep fit.

  2. My wife has become an amazing cook, which is even more amazing since she really doesn't like cooking or grocery shopping. Our past time before the pandemic was dining in restaurants. Almost all of our meals are prepared at home now by her and I really don't miss restaurants. Love you! Dave


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