Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Random Tuesday

Hey!  Ready to get random with Stacy?

So... you've read about my fall, I suppose, and how I was getting better - am getting better, but... I still have a few lingering issues.  First, my foot has been hurting.  There are no more bruises on it, and it's not swollen, but it hurts, especially when I walk.  Yesterday I could barely walk because my back is hurting so much.  I'm going to the chiropractor today and hoping he can shed some light on my back and foot.  Fingers crossed! (and toes, too)

Otherwise, all's well.  We went camping this weekend.  The only state park that had an opening was Goose Creek Island State Park near Rockport/Fulton.   It just reopened March 1 after being closed for six months. You might remember hearing how devastated the area was following Hurricane Harvey.  They are still rebuilding in some places, still debris in places, but they are very much coming back!  We had so much fun!
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We supported some local restaurants like The Groove, 495 Chesapeake Eats, and Dairy Queen (Had to have a blizzard!😉)  And we saw a few birds and deer.

We shopped at the quaint boutiques.  There were things I would have bought had I been able to do so financially, such as some adorable teapots, Coca-Cola glasses, crystal, shirts, and so on.  Saw this flock of pelicans.
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.We spent some time at the 39th Annual Fulton Oysterfest.  Great fun!
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Tried some raw oysters and supported the local economy. (Probably never will eat them again, but I did it!  I prefer them grilled or fried, but when in Rome, or in this case, Fulton, do as the Fultons do).  We didn't go to the carnival, but we went to the area where all the shopping was.  I was interested in the natural bath products, home made salsas and jellies, tee shirts, and jewelry.  Then we listened to some great live music.  And to top it off, we got to see an actual, real-live oyster-eating contest.  A FIRST for me!
This man put down 139 large oysters in five minutes.
His prize?  $200, a trophy, bragging rights, and most likely, a belly ache!
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We also went to visit "The Big Tree."  It is a 1,000 year old coastal live oak tree near Goose Island.  It is 11 feet across the trunk, 35 feet around the trunk, 44 feet tall, and 89 feet across the crown.  Wow!
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We spent some time at Legends Music Venue.  Really enjoyed that, and they even put their TV's on the Rockets game for us!  It only became a little bizarre near the end of the evening when this wacko accused us of stealing his phone.  The bouncer must have apologized to us fifteen times.  Overall, a good camping weekend.

And now for some funnies!
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