Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It's Tuesday

I'll be linking up with Stacy for some random thoughts.

It's been a heckuva six days for me!
First, the good stuff!
My daughter's boyfriend came to stay with us for a couple of days.  He took her out to a fancy dinner on Valentine's Day, even made reservations.  He's a great kid!  (age 23, yes, he's a kid!  She's 21.)

And then...
Thursday night, I had wished my sister happy birthday and visited a friend who just got out of the hospital, took my twins out to dinner, and got home.  At the top of our stairs, we have a landing, then there are 3 stairs going up to the left and 4 stairs on the right. Kind of like this:
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Well, I went up the stairs on the left to feed the cat.  I picked my stuff back up and went to go down the 3 stairs and up the 4 stairs to my room.  My hands were full, no handrail anyway.  I slipped and fell.
Causes of Concussion
My face broke my fall.  Yes, my face.  And partially my shoulder. My face hit one of the stairs on the other side before the rest of me hit the landing.  Didn't help that I was wearing boots with heels.  Hurt my foot, too, but the biggest problem?  Concussion.
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Headache, nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light, fatigue, confusion., occasional blurry vision.
And ugly bruises on my chin and shoulder!

I have been off work since it happened, and I am supposed to be resting.  And I am.  Lots of resting.   They used to teach us that concussion patients shouldn't sleep much, if at all.  It's the opposite now. Can't look at the computer for too long in a row.  Or the TV.  Or a book.  Sleep.  Rest.  I'm starting to do household chores a little at a time to build up stamina and practice using my cognitive abilities.  It's really scary when the doctor tells you  that you have a mild traumatic brain injury, especially knowing that my father died of a brain injury.   You can read about that here. Scary stuff!  I'm scheduled to go back to work Thursday where I will be teaching 130 sixth graders and dealing with almost a thousand kids in the hallways.  Any advice?

And to lighten the mood a little...
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That's all, folks!

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  1. Ouch! So sorry this happened! The only suggestion i have for going back to work is ear plugs for when the noise gets overwhelming. The ones they have for sportsmen are the best kind.

    Praying you recover fast.


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