Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Thursday Thirteen

I only started drinking wine about six years ago.  I just didn't like it... until my husband's cousin refused to take no for an answer, and I learned to enjoy a good glass of wine, white wine mostly, but also an occasional sweet red.  BUT, the last two times I have had wine to drink on a school night, my whole night of sleep was disturbed, and today, I found the research to support that conclusion.  Here are some (fun) facts about wine.

1.  A new study shows that...
"drinking in the evening and before bedtime is associated with significant stimulating effects, compared to other times of day." So it wasn't all in my head!

2.  Red wine is more likely to keep you awake than white because it has properties in it that act as histamines.

3.  Did you know it takes about 2 1/2 pounds of grapes to make a bottle of wine?

4.  There are over 10.000 varieties of wine!

5.  We have the Mesopotamians to thank for inventing wine-making in 6,000 BC.

6.  Did you know that white wine gets darker as it ages?

7.  Corks didn't come into use until the 1780's.  This allowed vinters to be able to age wine directly in the bottle.

8.  Organic wine and wine made with organic grapes are not the same thing.  You can read further if you're interested.

9.  Watching calories?  You might like to know that a glass of wine has about the same number of calories as a glass of grape juice.

10.  I know what you people from California, Florida, and New York are doing!  These three states have the highest wine consumption in the US.

11.  California is the fourth highest wine-producer in the world following France, Italy, and Spain.

12.  "Drinking to your health" refers to ancient Greece when the host would take the first sip of wine to prove that it was not poisonous.

13. Plato believed a man should not taste wine before age 18 and drink it only in moderation until age 31.  According to Plato, a man over 40 can drink as much wine as he wants in order to cure the crabbiness of old age.  Hey!  What about women?  I get crabby, too!

I hope you enjoyed this bit about wine.  You can join Thursday Thirteen here.

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  1. And one other fact, that I only recently found out about: there are people who are allergic to alcohol in any amount, in any kind of drink. Which explains why I don't drink anything...we just get drunk faster, lol.
    Like this post, btw.

  2. Fascinating! Especially that there are so many varieties, i would have guessed nearer to 1,000.


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