Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I'm linking up with Stacy today.

Wow!  The time change and a week off school both have my body clock messed up.  I guess you could say part of it is my fault for failing to follow the same schedule I normally have throughout spring break.  Oh well.  I'm just tired.

News... news?  I don't know.  Too many bad things are happening.  Bombings in Austin, Texas (my home state), and we have friends and relatives there.  A shooting at a high school in Maryland.  The 14 year old boy is stable, but the 16 year old girl is in critical condition, last I heard.  The perpetrator was killed by the school resource officer, a former SWAT officer.

I need to focus on the lighthearted stuff!

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Are you old enough to remember when we called the newspaper comics "the funnies?"  I liked to read them every day, but especially on Sunday when they were in color. My favorite was always Peanuts.  I grew up, not only reading it in the funnies, but also in books.  I had stacks of Peanuts books.  I think I had these two (and dozens more), but mine were paperback.
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I'm pretty sure I still have them somewhere. The covers were colorful but the pages were black and white.  I didn't care.  I loved them.  I also had a few with the original Charlie Brown in them.  Or was he just the "young" Charlie Brown?
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Before I go, I will leave you with these:
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That's all for this week!
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