Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Thursday Thirteen

This Thursday Thirteen is brought to you by the letter N.

1.  Naps - I love naps!  I know that doctors don't really recommend naps, particularly if, like me, you have trouble sleeping at night, but I love naps.  I usually get to take a nap on Saturday afternoon.

2.  Nurse - We have three nurses in the family - My husband's oldest son, his wife, and our oldest daughter.  Have a health question?  At least one of them is bound to know the answer!

3.  Nuzzle - I love when the cat nuzzles me.  She's so soft and sweet.

4.  Newborn - I haven't held a newborn in a long time.  They are just precious.  Someday in the not too distant future, I imagine I'll have that opportunity.

5.  Nappy - This is what Britons call a diaper.

6.  Navel - My navel never popped out when I was pregnant with my twins.

7.  Night - I prefer night to morning.  I am a night owl. I get my best work done when others are asleep.

8.  Nest - Our nest will be empty soon.  One of the twins (the youngest) has graduated and will be moving on when she gets a job.  The other is back in school for about another year and a half.

9.  Nuts - I'm not crazy about most nuts.  I like pine nuts, peanuts, and cashews.  That's about it.  And probably, those aren't true nuts.

10. Native - I am a native Texan and proud of it!

11. Navy - The dominant color in my bedroom is navy blue.

12. Needle - I know how to use a needle to sew minor repairs in clothing and stuffed animals.  I can also sew a button with a needle and thread.

13. Neat - While my home, bedroom, even my classroom, aren't always neat, I much prefer when they are.  I love it when things are stacked neatly or organized neatly.  I do not like when my students don't write neat enough for me to read their papers.

I hope you've had fun visiting Forgetfulone today!

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  1. I only take naps when I wind down so much I can't do otherwise. Then I don't mind them.

  2. I need a power nap daily ,love that word nuzzle


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