Sunday, January 14, 2018

Oh, Facebook... There's that One Friend

You know what I don't get?  Why people feel the need to document their every move on Facebook.  Don't get me wrong... I post on Facebook.  I comment, I read, I watch videos, I occasionally post updates, but... I have a friend who seriously documents EVERY move she makes on Facebook.  First of all, it's not safe.  Friends of friends probably know more about her than they ever cared to.  And a criminal could have a field day with her information.  But, it just bothers me.

Here's an example.  She recently had a family tragedy, and while most people would want to keep it quiet and private, she posted a news article that was quite an unflattering recounting of the event.  And she continues to post pictures and quotes about the circumstances of the event.

They're making a trip to her dad's house a few states away.  New state, new picture and comments for everyone.

Got an allergy shot?  Here's your Facebook update!
Want to know what she's listening to on the radio?  Here's your Facebook update!
Got the car washed?  Here's your Facebook update!

And quotes and quotes about fairly tale love and happy endings (she's been married before and has a 15 year old daughter).  Maybe I'm just jealous that she found a fairy tale, but I read these "Oh, my true love" quotes, and I just think, "Blech!"

She JUST posted... "We booked our honeymoon!"  That's all.  Didn't say where.  I guess she wants everyone to comment and ask, and I did, but I deleted it.  I think she just likes being the center of attention.  Maybe I secretly want to be the center of attention.  We all just want to belong, right?

She's my friend, and I love her to death, but she overshares.  And it bothers me.  What does that say about me?

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