Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Random Tuesday

I'm linking up with Stacy.

So... going on day 2 of no school due to ice.  The kids also had MLK day off (not teachers), so they are going on day 5.  This is a traffic/weather camera near where I grew up.
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Pictured is ice, not snow.  We so rarely get this kind of weather in South Texas.  The whole country is laughing because we're freaking out about freezing rain, but we don't have salt and sand trucks, or the right kind of tires, or whatever people up North use to make roads driveable in this kind of weather.

I remember my mom and I driving to the oral surgeon in icy weather.  It was about 30 years ago.  Cars were sliding all over the place, but I had three dry sockets, and I had to get there to get some relief.  I remember being scared out of my mind when a car slid coming thisclose to crashing into us.  So, world, laugh if you must, but I don't want to drive on ice.

And then there's this...

I truly dislike group texts!  I get texts from a group, some of whom I know, and some I have no idea who they are.  My husband and I were just comparing whose group texts were worse.  I think he won!  I wish someone could tell me how to leave a group text.  Makes me feel like this!  Haha!

Did I mention my beautiful daughter graduated (a semester early) with her BBA in Management last month?  I probably did... but it never hurts to repeat it.
  I'm so happy to have her home, even if it's not for long!

And that's all for today!  Stay warm, friends!

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  1. I'm with you - when it's icy, or freezing rain, I'd much rather stay off the roads. I'm not as worried about my driving, I'm more concerned about the crazy people out there who think they're invincible in their 4-wheel drive. We all have the same trouble sliding or stopping, no matter what kind of vehicle you have. :)

    I'm also with you on the whole group texting thing - it gets annoying and confusing when texts are going back and forth between people you don't know on the group text. You can remove yourself through the settings option within the text - both Android and iPhone have similar options. :)

    Congrats to your daughter! That is so awesome!! :)


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