Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Random Tuesday

It's still Tuesday, so I'm linking up with Stacy!

This morning, for a few hours, I thought it was already Wednesday.  Imagine my feeling when I realized it was only Tuesday.  With the messy, icy weather we had last week, and cancelling school for two days (I'm a teacher), this week seems like it's taking forever!  Funny how that works.

10 Biggest Mistakes In Popular TV Shows

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See that "ad?"  When I'm on Facebook, it never fails.  I see an interesting bit of click-bait, and I fall for it every time.  I click over to find out "The movies the critics got wrong," or "Five creative ways to make money from home," or "The most blatant TV show mistakes."  I follow the link, and it's a .... SLIDESHOW.  That means if I really want to read it all, I have to click through all of the slides, and the ads, and the baloney.  Why can't they just put it all on one page like normal websites?

How's the weather where you live?  Here in Texas, we're getting typical Texas weather.  Last week for three days we had ice and sleet with daytime temps in the upper 20's.  Three days later, it got up to 72 degrees.  Three days later, it's back in the 40's at night and upper 50's and 60's in the afternoon.  They say, "If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes, and it will change."  True!
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Have a great week! 😉

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