Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Random Tuesday

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So much sadness this week.  So much senseless violence.

Being from Texas, the incident in Dallas has hurt my heart because it is so close to home. I do not understand why a man would want to kill the very people who were protecting the Black Lives Matter protesters.  The police were not there to arrest them, or to tell them they couldn't participate in their peaceful protest, or to in any way direct their protest.  They were present to protect.  That is what they do. And it was a peaceful protest.  Until a lone terrorist with a gun and a grudge decided to start shooting.

I resent that Mr. Obama stated that it would be hard to untangle the shooter's motives.  The shooter's motives were clearly spelled out.  He wanted to kill white people, especially cops.  I believe the President should not speak up until he knows the facts, about this or any other incident, and the fact-getting is the responsibility of local officials.

I have the utmost respect for Dallas Police Chief David Brown.  His professionalism is unimpeachable.  He exhibits courage, bravery, and intelligence. He has dealt with so much in his personal life, and he overcame every obstacle to get where he is, and now he is facing one of the most difficult things he will ever deal with in his career.  He is most definitely in my prayers.

My heart and prayers also go out to the twelve police officers and their families who have been touched by this tragedy. I know of two specific organizations that are on the level if you're led to donate.  The officers who died likely had insurance, but we all know how long that takes.  In the meantime, their families have to pay bills, mortgages or rent, utilities, and keep their families fed. Here are two organizations that are on the up-and-up.
Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation
The Line of Duty Fund of the Dallas Foundation
I'm sure there are GoFundMe pages set up for the officers and their families.  And if you're interested in funeral arrangements, you can find that information here.

My take on some other things... There have been tragedies recently where police officers have used unnecessary force.  People have died.  But not all police officers are bad!  The majority are serving us and putting themselves on the line for us.  Are there some bad cops out there?  Of course.  Just like there are bad doctors or bad teachers.  It doesn't make all of them bad.  The majority of the human race as a whole wants to do what is right. I believe that with all my heart.

Here's a video by Candace Payne soulfully singing "Heal the World." She also lives near Dallas.

And on a lighter note, my daughter and I have been watching the Bachelorette this season.  I don't know what got us started on this because I don't usually like "reality TV," and I'm sure some of it is scripted, but we have had the best time watching JoJo this season.  I guess this is actually related to the rest of my post in a way because she is from the Dallas area.  We've had fun "escaping" from real life for a couple of hours each week.  Anyone else out there watching JoJo?  We were so sad to see James go last night.

And on a happy note... Today is Amazon Prime Day!  I'll be checking it out for sure!
Have a good week!

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