Monday, November 09, 2015

Random Tuesday and Coffee Talk

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So I got a much-needed massage yesterday.  I had some weird thoughts as I lay there being pampered.  You know that face pillow thing you use when you're face down?  I wonder if anyone ever gets so relaxed that they drool on the floor?  Gross, huh?  Such is my mind.  And I wonder what would happen if that face pillow fell off.  Would our head pop down?  Would you pop your chin on the table?
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I wonder what the masseuse is thinking during my massage.  "Look at the blubber on this one! Hahaha!  Or is she thinking, "This girl has some stinky feet!"  Hahaha!  And speaking of feet, why do they do your feet before they do your head? And why do they get that greasy lotion all in your hair?  They should do the head first.

Do you ever feel uncomfortable when going from front to back?  Ever wonder if, even though they try to keep you covered, you give them a little flash? And I wonder why they can never get the pressure exactly right.  Too much or too little.  And what I don't want is just a simple back rub.
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Now, my husband offers to give me a massage sometimes, but he's expecting a happy ending,  He thinks there is only one reason why a female would let another female touch her.  He has a vivid imagination.

Have you ever had a couples massage?  There's really nothing romantic about it.  You're in the same room with the lights low and soothing music playing, but you're on separate tables at least 3 or 4 feet from each other.

So, what's your random today?

And the coffee chat topic at Ink Interrupted  is...
Do you volunteer?
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The year I got remarried (2005) and moved to a new suburb about 50 miles from where I was living,  I took off one year of teaching.  During that year, I volunteered at my children's school and at our church.  Best year of my life!  Even after I went back to work, I still managed to volunteer in the nursery at church, wrap presents for Angel Tree, teach Vacation Bible School, and participate in booster clubs for several of my children's organizations.  I also chaperoned during games and contests.  I wish I had more time to volunteer!  It's fun and fulfilling.

My husband volunteers at a soup kitchen about once a month.  He and some co-workers purchase food, prepare, and serve a meal at one of the shelters downtown.  I admire him for doing that.  Do you volunteer?


  1. I can honestly say I've never went anywhere for a massage before. My husband will rub my feet sometimes but that's as good as it gets. Someday, maybe someday...
    That's nice of your husband to volunteer at the soup kitchen. I have once or twice.

  2. The hubby and I had a couples massage once, and it was pretty romantic because you went in a hot tub in this room that was kinda set up like a romantic cave - candles, music, the whole bit. Then they brought us to the massage room and put these warm stones on us for a bit, and our tables were pretty close. The the massage which was heavenly, followed by steam room, shower and dinner. Not too bad at all.

    It sounds like you are involved in the same kind volunteer activities that I do. I love the Angel Tree - such a great idea.


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