Monday, November 16, 2015

Random Tuesday and Coffee Chat

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I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving!  My district gives a whole week off, and I have so much to do at home, organizing my scrapbook stuff, cleaning out closets, and these are things I don't have time for during a regular school week or even on a weekend.  There's too much involved.  And, of course, I want to start decorating for Christmas, buying gifts, and wrapping gifts.

It will be a time to catch up on tv time!  But I am removing two new shows from my Tuesday lineup.  I gave them both a chance, and they are not living up to my expectations.  They aren't clever or unique; they are stale and predictable.  I'm talking about Grandfathered and The Grinder.
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I like the actors in Grandfathered.  I've watched John Stamos since he was Blackie on General Hospital (pictured above), long before Full House, Jake in Progress, or his stint on ER, another show I used to love.  I loved Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss on Criminal Minds.  My kids grew up watching Josh Peck on Drake and Josh.  So, I had high hopes, but alas, Hollywood still has a hard time writing a good comedy.
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I really liked Rob Lowe from The Grinder when he played Sodapop Curtis in the Outsiders and Billy Hicks in St. Elmo's Fire (pictured above).  Then he had that "little mishap" where he taped sex with two females, one of them only 16 years of age.  I didn't watch anything with him again until recently when he appeared on Parks and Recreation.  I love that show,   Not so much The Grinder, though.  And I'm not really fond of any of the other actors, so... it's got to go.  I'd love to see Parks and Rec revived!

And now, it's time for Coffee Chat.
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Question:  What do you hope to be remembered for?

Gosh!  It's not like I'm considering this happening any time soon, but when I'm gone, I hope people will remember me as kind and caring.  I hope they know that I am a child of God.  I'd like them to remember the small things I try to do to help others.
 And I hope some remember me fondly as their language arts teacher.  I believe people will remember me as a strong woman, a good mother, a good daughter, as someone who has a good sense of humor, and, of course, as Forgetfulone.


  1. I always liked John Stamos too. They are supposed to be doing a Full House reboot though! It will be about the daughter and some of the old cast will make appearances. Not sure when it airs.
    Yes - bring back Parks and Rec!!! :)

    You made a good point: we often just think about "remembering" after we are gone/passed away. But perhaps we should consider our time in other services too - such as jobs, or social groups, etc. How will those people remember what we did during those times too, when they are finished. It's all opportunities to impact others.

  2. You get a whole week off? Sweet!!! Sounds like you have some great plans for that time off. ;)

    I actually like Grandfathered and The Grinder - but probably because I like the actors in them. ;) I usually watch them on my other screen while I'm doing other stuff, so I'm not paying close attention, more as 'background filler'...heh!

    I like the things you'd like to be remembered for - it's cool to see we're all on the same page for that! :)


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