Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Thursday Thirteen Not 50 ways, but 13 ways...

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When I was growing up, Simon and Garfunkel were very popular.  One song of my youth was 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.  Now that's a stick-in-your-head song if I've ever heard one!  Here's a tribute to Paul Simon.  If you're middle aged or maybe even older, you'll get it.

13 ways to leave your lover.

1. Just cross that bridge, Midge.
2. Hop in the van, Ann.
3. Go take his camper, Amber.
4. Just walk out the door, Lenore.
5. Pack a suitcase, Stace.
6. Get on a plane and fly, Skye.
7. Walk out the back gate, Kate.
8. Take the kids with you, Lu Lu.
9. Set the stage, Paige.
10. Join a harem, Karen.
11. Do it if you dare, Claire.
12. Shoot yourself out of a cannon, Shannon.
13. Just get yourself free, Leigh.

Just a little light-hearted post for a busy day!


  1. Nicely done! Did you have any that didn't make the top 13 cut?

  2. lyrics are monumental to me - just love the colorful sound

  3. Didn't Miley Cyrus do that song recently? Oh yes, it was on the SNL anniversary show.

    I like that you changed it around to the feminine. Good work!

  4. I used to make answering machine messages based on this song, like "leave a little clue, Sue" or "Say what you mean, Jean."

  5. What fun! This is a clever song and you've made it into a clever post.

  6. Great list & thanks for posting the Simon vid. This is one of my favorite shower songs & when My Beloved Sandra heard me singing it one morning she said she wasn't sure if I was hatching a plan or dropping a hint...

  7. Fun. Have you heard Train's take on the topic, 50 Ways to Say Goodbye? The video cracks me up! Happy World Reading Day! My T13


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