Monday, March 23, 2015

Random Tuesday

Spring break was not good for my routine.  I had a hard time getting up for work today.  Good news?  Only nine weeks left!

Jury duty tomorrow.  Fun!  Fun!  I wouldn't mind being chosen for a jury that is not a boring one.  I don't want anything high profile because that's just scary!  I've had jury duty number of times, but the only time I got selected, it was a truly boring case.

I'm scheduled for shoulder surgery this summer, and I'm nervous. First, the costs make me nervous, but mostly, the recovery time, the pain, the rehabilitation and what scares me.  Have you ever had shoulder surgery?

I'm relieved my friend's wedding is over.  There's a big stress reliever!  It was fun , but I think I'm too old to be a bridesmaid now.  I wish her the best, but planning and waiting for a wedding are so stressful!  (and expensive, even though I only had to pay for a dress, alterations, the bachelorette party, the shower,  a couple of gifts.) Wow!  It really did add up!

My tenth anniversary is in just over a month (second marriage).  I hope my honey plans something special.  Well, we are going to Las Vegas in June, but I hope he plans something special for the actual day.  What is the worst anniversary gift you ever received?

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  1. Wow! Our spring break isn't til after next week... Can't wait for the break, then I'll be on the same page as you - when's summer?!?


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