Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wow! What a weekend!

Well, not necessarily the whole weekend, but enough of it that I gotta say, "Wow!"  Saturday's best action was my son's baseball game.  On his first at-bat, he whacked that ball and got a double and an rbi.  Woot!  The second at-bat, he got hit by the ball and took first base.  He's a lefty, so getting hit by the ball happens more than usual to him.  The third at-bat, he got another hit.  I think it was a single, but he stole second, then his teammate batted him in.  I was so excited!

Sunday was just a non-stop day!  Church first (good message - made me think).  Grocery shopping (the worse chore on the planet!).  Then sweeping the entire downstairs, ironing a shirt, vacuuming the upstairs, sweeping the garage, cleaning the kitchen, taking my daughter shoe and dress shopping, then dinner.  After dinner, I went out to plant three new shrubs my husband bought.  I also pulled weeds.  Then I mopped the downstairs.  I made four lunches for tomorrow and helped my daughter with her homework.  I also planned lessons and graded papers. Whew!

Considering THIS picture is how I usually spend my weekend, this one was a doozy!  Now how I am gooing to wind down?  I've been too busy.  I should be in bed right now!  Maybe a glass of wine will help.  It's worth a shot, right?

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