Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Today is brought to you by the letter “F” and the number “13.”

1. Forgetfulone – my online persona, and who I tend to be in real life. I have a t-shirt that says, “I do know it all. I just don’t remember it all at the same time!”
2. Frogs – Cartoon frogs are cute, but real frogs are not. I left my shoes in the garage when I was working in the yard one time, and I went out a day or two later to put them on (with no socks), and there was a frog in the toe of my shoe! Gross!
3. Friends – I only have a few close friends. My other “friends” are really acquaintances. I like them, but I don’t associate with them much outside of work or church.
4. French Fries – I’m not crazy about French fries. They have to be cooked a certain way or seasoned. I prefer potato salad, pasta salad, or mashed potatoes.
5. Fast Food – My favorite fast food restaurant is Whataburger. Every now and then, I crave a Big Mac or Fish sandwich from McDonald’s, but mostly I just like Whataburger. I used to like Sonic, but they’re just not as good as they used to be, except for half price happy hour drinks or Blasts.
6. Fox – When I was intermediate school, a cute boy was known as a fox. Bet you can guess my age!
7. Fan – I’m a Houston Rockets basketball fan.
8. Fish – I like grilled Mahi Mahi and grilled snapper, but I don’t like raw fish, aka sushi.
9. Facebook – I spend far too much time on Facebook! But I love it!
10. Fat. I feel fat. I would like to lose about 15 pounds. I participated in a “biggest loser” contest at work this fall, and I lost about 13 pounds, but it was so stressful with the weigh-ins. But it was good for me, too. I need to get back into my healthy eating groove.
11. Family – Family is probably the most important thing to me. My father died in October, 2004, and I still miss him, probably always will. My mom and sister live about an hour from me, but in opposite directions. My husband, step-kids, and biological kids are extremely special to me.
12. Fraternal – I have boy/girl (fraternal) twins who will be 16 in two months.
13. Fracture – I fractured my wrist in 8th grade during my birthday sleepover doing a back handspring when I was too tired and had little energy. I didn’t get to the emergency room for almost 24 hours because I didn’t tell my dad. I ended up having to wear a cast for about 8 weeks.

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  1. What a fun way to share Thursday 13. I am a newbie :)

    I am with you on Friends, I only have a few but I have a lot of acquaintances

  2. That healthy eating thing is tough. I lost weight last year but have struggled since Christmas. I am hoping things will improve with warm weather.

  3. I've never been that fond of fish (or seafood, for that matter), but do like french fries--unless they come from McDonald's. Theirs are always too salty. My blog

  4. Fun!
    Actually, I haven't had a fry in at least 10 years.

    Have a great Thursday!

  5. I am exactly the same way with friends, and the amount of time spent on facebook.

  6. Great list! I'm so stealing your theme ("Brought to you by the letter...") the next time I can't think of a good T13 list, LOL!

    I'm with you on a lot of these, but especially #11. Family is everything to me.

  7. Great list. LOL I'm the same way about French fries!


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