Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wednesday Website

It's a wonderful Wednesday! Time for a Website!

Do you like crossword puzzles or word games such as Scrabble? This is for you! MoreWords. This site will allow you to search for dictionary words that contain certain letters, a certain number of letters, with the letter in a specific position, that excludes another letter. Kind of confusing right? Just like I'm confused when I'm looking for a scrabble word that starts with J and has six letters. This is a great resource. Is it cheating? Ummm. I'm not telling!

Have fun! Don't forget to enter my Valentine contest for cupcake wrappers!


  1. I Think I'd get accused of cheating. I'm totally going to check it out though :)

  2. My daughter is just teaching my granddaughter how to play scrabble. I think they'll enjoy this site a lot. Thanks.


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