Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Come and play Thursday Thirteen with us! It's fun!

Here are 13 of the sites I visit most often on the Web.

1. Blogger (duh!)

2. Google Reader

4. Yahoo (for email)

12. My bank's website

13. Walgreens (that happens as you get older!)


  1. Blogger, Google Reader, Yahoo email, IMDB...check. I also spend a lot of time at GoodReads, Romance Divas, Amazon (not that i can afford to do any book buying right now) and -- depending on how heated the GR scrabble game is--
    My post

  2. 1. Blogger, 2. Facebook,3. Yahoo, 4. Sparkpeople, 5 & 6 Bank Sites, 7. Child Support Recovery, 8.TLC- Top Chef, 9. PowerPont (checking the boys' grades) 10. fox tv to watch Glee 11. PowerPoint (check the boys' grades) 12.Press-Citizen (local newpaper) 13. Netflix

  3. Facebook is starting to take the place of blogging for me!

  4. Now you have me thinking. Where do I visit? Hmm. Happy TT!

  5. I'm with you on facebook and should visit twitter more often than I do. *smile* My Fitness Pal looks great. I use Sparkpeople and a private facebook group right now. But one can never have too much support. Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy TT,

    13 Comforts

  6. Just wondering if this is the PC version.....?


  7. I've been known to visit a few of those myself.

    Have a great Thursday!

  8. Blogger, Google reader, Facebook, Gmail, Phys-Org, Groupon and Living Social are my big ones. I remember when this list used to be a lot bigger for me. Hehe.

  9. I don't know if I have 13 unless I separated out the different blogs. Facebook is a must and so is Google.

  10. ...and me too, right? RIGHT???? lol!

  11. Gee, why didn't you provide a link to your bank, too? Hmm... :)

  12. hm, wonder what my 13 would be? blogger, FB, yahoo,, twitter, imdb, yep.

    flickr, the onion, xkcd, reverse dictionary

    not sure what else.

  13. hahaha Walgreens, so true. i visit a lot of the same sites.

  14. Neat idea for a 13! I spend a lot of time on my own sites, homeschool sites, and my bank site.

  15. facebook
    my blog
    my other blog
    my gmail
    my yahoo-mail

    my friends blogs.

    rrr... i don't browse that much :(


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