Thursday, January 06, 2011

Friday Confessional

Everyone needs to confess a little every now and then, right? Friday Confessional is hosted by Our Dandelion Wishes and Glammy Info.

I confess...

I am tired of teaching. I'm just feeling too old for it these days. I've put in 22 years now, and I guess I'm getting burned out. Don't get me wrong... I love the kids! They are why I am there, and I love seeing them and teaching them every day.

What bothers me is the lack of supportive administration in the district, the numerous state and federal laws that tie our hands so we can't address issues that need to be addressed, state testing that takes up so much instruction time, and the general bad attitude many students and parents have toward educators these days. It's stressful sometimes. And I'm tired. Just plain tired.

I confess...

I participated in a meme not too long ago (last month), visited many of the other participants and left comments, left a comment on the original post, and did not receive one reciprocal comment. Not one. That hurts. Face it, we all want to know someone out there is reading and relating to us.

That is all I am confessing for now. I'm tired!


  1. I can understand that you are tired of teaching. Putting up with some of the parents is just as bad. hope someday that the support schools need to let teachers teach will come.

  2. Good teacher make all the difference. My seven year old did not click with his teacher last year and we struggled all year. This year he loves his teacher--who has been teaching like 30 years now. It has made all the difference. Keep at it as long as you still enjoy it and the kids.

  3. I think it's sad when we take the time to visit blogs AND comment, and nobody does the same in return. You are right...we all like to know we are being read. :)

  4. i can understand getting burned out teaching. i did it for 9 yrs before i went into admin at the school. this way i got the best of both worlds, i could still be around the kids AND i could make sure the teachers were as awesome as i

    i cannot believe that no one reciprocated. that is WRONG and really very rude.

  5. I don't know how you do it. I think my kids teachers are amazing because I watch what they have to deal with. I have to admit I have really great kids so it isn't mine...cause mine I would beat lol. Thanks for doing what most of us can't.

  6. Bummer you are getting burnt out. Every thing has a window... maybe you just need a 6 month long vacation to a tropical place to restart your engines. Ahhhh wouldn't that be amazing if that could happen. Hey, if it does, can I go with you???


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