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Friday, January 21, 2011

Saying Yes

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I confess...

I am a new fan of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. Yes, I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but it's true! About two weeks ago, I came home from work, and my daughter was watching this show. I had planned to clean the kitchen, change clothes, start laundry, the usual stuff. I didn't make it past the TV! I was hooked from that very first episode. Now my DVR is not only taping the new episodes, but the reruns as well.

My husband is in shock! First, I'm not a reality-TV watcher. I don't watch Survivor, America's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, The Biggest Loser... none of those! I don't enjoy them. But this... this is different. Hubz says it doesn't seem like the kind of show I would like. Brides trying on wedding dresses? I guess I'm more of a girlie-girl than he realized.

I love this show! My favorite episode thus far was the one in which Sarah Velasquez, one of the bridal consultants, changed places and became a client after she got engaged. It was such a great episode.

What kills me about this show is the amount of money the brides spend on their gowns. Wow! You could buy a nice new-to-you car with the money on some of those price tags. But... I just love watching! I can sit and watch episode after episode after episode. I guess it should come as no surprise that when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my little girl answer was, "a bride!"


  1. Haven't checked out that show. May need to avoid it as I get caught up in that kind of stuff. lol

    Well enjoy your show

  2. I like watching that show every now and then. Have you seen What Not to Wear? Have a good weekend.

  3. I love that show too! Did you know they have a Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta & a Say Yes to the Dress Big Bliss (larger brides). I love all 3. Of course the origional is the best though. I could NOT imagine spending so much on a dress though... I just could not do it! Funny how you always wanted to be a bride, mine was a mommy, of course the bride thing had to happen first though : )

  4. i know it just kills me! the money that is spent on weddings is crazy ridiculous!

  5. Oh, I'm with you...I don't like those other reality shows but I like watching SYTTD....last night the girl had already bought at 15 thousand dollar dress and was looking for another one! She said her parents were spending half a mil on her wedding...good grief!!

  6. I've never really watched this, but I shuddered at $15,000 for a dress. I paid $12,500 for my first brand new car and once lived on less than $15,000 a year.

  7. I adore that show:) Some of those silly girls spend more on their dresses then I did on my entire wedding!


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