Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday 13

Here are 13 images from our weekend trip to New Orleans.

This is the bar at the hotel.

A nice place to eat Seafood in the French Quarter.

Harrah's Casino

The first place we stopped in on Bourbon Street

I love shopping near the French Market.

A yummy shrimp po-boy from Daisy Duke's

New Orleans is called the Big Easy for many reasons.

The Mighty Mississippi River

A Paddlewheel boat

This place serves the best roast beef po-boy in New Orleans.

A red chandelier in the registration area of the hotel

I love the balconies!

My favorite watering hole. Love the Rainstorm! (drink)

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  1. looks like a fun weekend.

    Mine's up. Happy Thursday!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend. I have not been there in years - not since before the big storm. I would love to go back to visit!

    Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well.

  3. Looks like you had a fun time, I love the photo of the Mississippi River.

  4. I've heard that N'Oleans still isn't what it used to be since before Katrina! Looks to me like it's getting back to close pre Katrina....right?

    Loved the photo share.

    I played ...come on over if you can find time to visit with me. I'd love your company. Happy Thursday.

  5. NO is looking wonderful!

  6. I love the plants hanging from all the balconies.

  7. Great pictures, diana. I can't wait to see how you scrapbook them.

  8. I love the photo of the Mississippi River. I've never seen it in person but just the thought of how massive it is is pretty amazing.

  9. I grew up in N.O. but haven't been back in years. So many memories just looking at some of your photos.

  10. Looks and sounds like you had a good time.

  11. Love the red chandelier!!!!

  12. I always love pictures with lamps, lights, reflections...

    great photos!


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