Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Heads or Tails

Sorry I'm late posting this week! This week's topic for Heads or Tails is "spin."

Do you remember Spin Art?
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I used to love to watch people on their big machines making spin art on paper or t-shirts. Later, along came smaller machines for kids to use at home. I loved it!

And now, you can even play an online spin art game at nick jr.!

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  1. I used to love Spin Art.
    Questicon, the Science Centre in Canberra has a huge machine that you get to sample with, it was amazing.

  2. Spin Art! I haven't thought about that in years, but it sure was fun, wasn't it??? Ohhh and Spirograph!!

  3. Ohmigosh! I remember getting one of those machines - me and my little brother stayed up all night making spatter art. LOL

  4. I remember my younger sister having one of those. It was pretty cool.

  5. This is the first time I know about it. or may be I am the one who never cared about it before?



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