Monday, March 09, 2009

My Brush with Crime

I had a brush with crime this weekend, but actually, you could really call it a minor scrape. Thank goodness I was neither victim or criminal.

While I was in the checkout line at the local Kroger, I sent my husband to take some vitamins back to the shelf (we'd both picked up the same thing). As he was on his way, he heard a woman say, "He's got my purse!" The would-be thief was running down the main aisle toward the You-Scan lines, and a couple of men stopped him. Two of them had him in a bear hug, and the lady got her purse back. My husband saw all this happen while I'm oblivious at the check out until the sacker said, "I think they just got a purse thief." So, naturally, I'm looking all around to make sure my husband is okay, which of course, he was.

They took the alleged purse-snatcher over by the customer service center. No one was holding onto him anymore. I guess they trusted him not to run. Big mistake. The store employees were supposed to stay with him while another called the police. But they were basically ignoring him. I was in the check out right by the door. He casually walked toward the door, and I said, "He's making a run for it." Sure enough, he walked through the door and ran all the way across the massive parking lot toward a neighborhood. One of the slightly round Kroger employees attempted a chase, but he didn't get him. He got away - but not with the goods.

Lesson - If you use one of those hand-held baskets, do not put your purse inside it. That's how he got it.

This was so surreal. You don't really realize what's happening until it's over. A friend of mine was in another part of the store, and I didn't even know she was there until we got to talking about this.

I could describe him to a TEE. Height, general weight, build, hair color, skin complexion, clothing, and tattoos on both arms. He was so young, maybe 18-20 years old. I guess it's a sign of the times. Ladies, be careful!


  1. Im glad she got her purse back and nobody was hurt.

    I have always been told not to put your purse in the trolley or basket and not in the plastic bag your groceries go in.

    Its sad that its come to this but us women need to be more aware.

  2. I'm glad she got her purse back and nobody was hurt. Shoot, I just wrote the exact same thing as Melanie. Ha ha ha. But seriously, that's insane. Glad everyone was okay and hope down the road they catch the jerk face!

  3. it surely is a sign of the times. so scary.
    glad u and hub are okay.

  4. I always use the child safety belt to strap my purse to the cart. That way, if someone tries to grab it, they won't get it. My mom taught me that years ago.

  5. Wow...that is scary..I've heard that happens and I guess it does. I stumbled upon your blog from On the Upside and I really enjoy reading your posts. I also went to Thanks!

  6. That's scary. Can't believe they didn't hold on to him! That's crazy!

  7. glad you and your husband didn't get involved even by accident. It is scary.

  8. Wow. I'm glad everyone was ok but that sucks that he got away.

    I don't hold onto my purse at the store if we have a cart. I guess I better start (there's nothing in it but sentimental stuff & annoying things to get replaced). I hear it's happening more & more in store parking lots also.

    Sign of desperate times, indeed. :(

  9. Unreal! I am so glad no one got hurt and the lady got her purse back. I never put my purse in the cart. And if I'm at the foodcourt or restaurant were you can't put your purse between you and the wall I either keep it on my lap or under the table wrapped around my leg zipped. I hope if they manage to get under the table I would notice them before they were able to unzip it. LOL!

  10. it did happen to me last monday. but ah... it was too difficult to keep you wallet safe,if only you see the situation. I told about it

  11. Most importantly I'm glad she got her purse back and that no one was injured. But I wonder why on earth there was no store security attending to this guy? :o(


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