Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday Fill-in

1. When I look to the left, I see a table full of my junk and a brick fireplace.

2. My son's is the room that has the best view in my home.

3. Let it work out.

4. Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap! (AC/DC fans will recognize that!)

5. Voting is a responsibility that all qualified citizens must share.

6. If you have any advice feel free give it. I'm might be ignored, but give it anyway!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to driving to Austin, tomorrow my plans include taking the kids on the Cypress Canopy Zipline Tour, and Sunday, I want to see the capital, drive home, and pack for Vegas.

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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend. I tried to think of something else for #4, but LOL the song got stuck in my head while I was thinking.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Diana and a safe drive to Austin.

  3. A zipline, how cool, I've always wanted to do that!

  4. That zipline tour sounds fun!

  5. It's Spring Break!!! Yay! I hope you are having fun in Austin. I wanted to take my daughter to the zipline tour. However, she remembered a long ago promise made by her daddy so we are going to Sea World instead. Maybe some other time....

    Can't wait to hear about your experience!

  6. The Zipline sounds a little scary! Hope it was fun!

    How did you son get the best view in the house?!


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