Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap

I was so happy to receive my box of goodies from Chris at Chris' Corner yesterday!
I received the cutest, sweetest items:

Mary Engelbrett stickers (Pretty!)
Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs (YUM!)
Vera Bradley notecards (cute!)
Willow Tree Ornament - Holy Family (I love Christmas)
Handmade, matching bracelet and earrings (How sweet!)
Recipe booklets (I can soooo use these)
Southern Living catalog (so fun to look through!)
Spiral journal (cute and useful!)
Notepad (cute and useful!)
Square mug with hot cocoa, biscotti, and jelly bellies (pretty mug, and YUM!)
And a CD of Chris' favorite songs (how thoughtful!)

What a happy day! Better than Christmas!

Here's a pic of what I sent her:

(Lindt milk/dark chocolate combo, journal, magnetic memo pad, pink pen, The Kite Runner [best book I read last year], Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy lavendar and vanilla foam bath, Spring-colored jar candle [PartyLite - only the best], and a book mark.) I hope she likes it all!

I will definitely take part in another of Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swaps in the future! Here's the link to see who participated and what everyone received.

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  1. Great gifts...yours and what you sent...I LOVE the scent of Lavender and Vanilla.

  2. I am so glad you decided to play!

    Your post is perfect! Thank you for including pictures and links and for signing in to Mr. Linky correctly. You. Are. Awesome.

    There is a poll on my sidebar for the theme for the next swap scheduled for April. I hope you come by and vote.

    HUGS!! I am so glad that you and your partner enjoyed the swap! You got some FAB stuff!

  3. I loved the Kite Runner, too! Looks like some great stuff. And, my swapmate sent me aVera Bradley note pad.

  4. Oh so smart, I wish I had thought to photograph what I sent my partner ..

  5. Thanks so much for everything! I already have friends lined up to borrow The Kite Runner. :-) Me first of course. Oh and I LOVE partylite! They are the best candles. :-)
    I am glad you liked everything. I finally found a Southern Living Magazine, like an hour after mailing your package. I can't believe I could not find one. Hope you enjoy the catalog, I like looking at their ideas.
    I am signing up for April too!
    Have a good one!!

  6. I cannot wait until Mamarazzi's next swap!

    Mmmm. Peanut Butter Eggs. LOVE those. Want to share?

  7. Wasn't this SO MUCH FUN!?!!? I Super love PB Eggs! You lucky girl you!!! Looks like you and your partner both made out with fabulous stuff!

  8. Your present sounds lovely Diana, its always lovely to get thoughtful, practical and yummy gifts in the mail.

  9. Awwww! Swaps are fun. :o)

  10. This was so fun and you gifts are so adorable. I can not wait for the next one. Vist my site and see just what wonderful gifts I got at


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