Saturday, March 07, 2009

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Run for Your Life Run for Your Life by James Patterson

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I love Alex Cross so much that I didn't want to like Michael Bennett. But I did! I also like that it is set in NYC instead of DC; nice change of pace.

Lots of action and suspense, twists and turns, and many surprises await the reader! The only part that was completely implausible was the ending - the part with the plane - not to give any plot elements away. Otherwise, I thought it was a great book!

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  1. Thanks for the review Diana, I love James Patterson's books too and recently read "Step on a crack" and liked Michael Bennett.

    I will have to look around for this book now.

  2. Oh, how I love Alex Cross!

    So this is the 2nd in the Michael Bennett series? I seem to remember reading about him before. He's the one with all the adopted kids, right?

    I value your opinion so I'll add this to my list. I enjoy James Patterson's books. They are a quick, thrilling read. Even if the dialogue is corny at times (thinking of the Women's Murder Club series).

    BTW, why does he have co-authors now?

  3. Thanks for another great referral to a good read.

  4. Hope it comes in large print. these eyes are not what they use to be.

  5. thanks Diane! I love to read but can u believe I have NEVER ever Read Patterson! I know, many have their mouths open like u do now when I tell them that! I will try to reserve this .. but lately these book club books are taking over my reading time. I Love the ladies in my club so I won't quit.. but I kind of miss reading what I want to read!

    I feel like we haven't connected in a long time.. I will try to write u an email soon xox

  6. ♥ Sounds like a great book. I love suspense!!! :)


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